2014-12-02 14:26:00 by FOURSQUARED

I remix'd hard and this is the artistic masterpiece it turned into.

You would do me the biggest favor if you could share this with all your friends... or basically all people you know!

Everything changes!? (Please read.)

2014-11-01 19:29:43 by FOURSQUARED

I don't know how many of you guys will read this, but as long as there is only one person out there who is genuinely interested in what I'm doing, I am happy.

Well, when I started making music in April 2013, it was nothing but a "hobby" to me. I was making music I liked, but it wasn't something I did that passionate. Also, I couldn't imagine that producing would become more than a "hobby" to me one day.

But now, one and a half years later, I feel more passionate about making music than ever before (and not just making music, but also listening to/exploring all kinds of music). As you may have noticed, I recently made kind of a "style-shift"; I was experimenting with new musical genres (what can be seen at songs like "Natural Beauty" or "The Summit").

So, since producing is the only thing I do in my life that I enjoy, I decided to focus more on it.

BUT: I could make hundreds of thousands of songs, and it doesn't help me as long as nobody is seriously interested in them. For me, it isn't important to make money from my songs, I like giving them to people for free. The only thing I want is that people listen to my music and show interest in what I'm doing. If only one person said that my music touched him/her in any way, it would mean ten times more to me than three people saying "Good song" and then completely forget about it again... you understand?

So I thought about a bit about "self-promotion" and "how do I want to present myself" and all that stuff... and I kinda came to the decision that I'm going to "renovate everything I've built up" until now. That means: 

1. I'm going to change my artist name.

2. I'm going to think of some way of self-promotion, to make people interested, not only in my music, but also in the things I want to express with it.

3. I'm going to keep making all kinds of music I like. Of course, my passion is EDM, but I like the idea of creating innovative, "unheard" styles of electronic music.

I can't say when these changes will happen. Maybe in a few months, maybe in a year, maybe in two years... but they WILL happen!

I know, most of you won't feel concerned about this. But if you want to support me, then please leave me some suggestions, ideas... anything that radomly comes to your head and that could possibly help me out, as a comment! Please help me build a community of AWESOME-MUSIC-LOVERS! :D

I hope my plans will work. And if not, then I at least tried it! :)

Okay, it's enough now. Have a nice day guys! And always remember: Music Is Life <3

Natural Beauty EP !

2014-10-28 08:34:20 by FOURSQUARED

I made an EP!!! There are three remastered old tracks + one new little song. Go check it out!


A message to all homophobics, xenophobics, to all Nazis and also my dear friends from the IS ... or in short: a message to all the STUPID people:


Thank you!


No, but seriously now... I call every single person out there with an IQ of at least 50 to show some commitment against inhuman attitudes or actions! Otherwise, the world will get destroyed by idiots!

Just wanted to say that.



2014-10-10 13:06:12 by FOURSQUARED

GUYS! You woll love this unique melodic dubstep song! Please give it a listen to brighten up my mood a bit... 


The Summit

2014-09-13 17:38:47 by FOURSQUARED

Give it a listen, it's worth it.



2014-08-11 14:15:56 by FOURSQUARED

I would like you guys to check out my latest song. It's a remix off the well-known masterpiece "Survive" by one of my favorite EDM artists: Savant. I personally love this song, that's why I decided to take part in the competition and make an (in my opinion) equally good remix. ;)


Have fun with it! And wish me luck for the competition! (I think this shit has potential!)

Check this out! #1.1

2014-07-13 16:45:06 by FOURSQUARED

"A masterpiece!" ................... "A beautiful combination of art and electronic music" .............................."So emotional!"......................................... you don't believe me? 

CAUTION: Contains NicoKay-music!!!

Need some help!

2014-07-13 15:41:43 by FOURSQUARED


please give me some inspiration for this one. Wanna finish it, but my creativity doesn't want to.

Check this out! #1

2014-06-29 16:11:51 by FOURSQUARED

Check out this young talented artist and show him some love by leaving some comments. His digital drawings and animations are awesome!

There will even come some collaborations of us both in the future. If you want to see some of them, keep an eye on his YouTube Channel too:

And if you really love what he's doing, then SHARE THESE LINKS with the world! (I'm really in a good mood right now...)