About two years ago I thought: "I will be so happy when schools finally OVER! I'll finally have my school graduation! I won't miss anything! ... " (I think you know what I'm talking about...)

And now!? I simply don't want this time to end! School belonged to my everyday life for nearly 10 years now! I think  I'm going to miss it heavily! My friends and classmates, the habits...

But I also fear the thought of living my own life, of moving to another city because of my studies and of leaving all my friends and family!!!

Maybe I'm just overdoing it, but this really depresses me right now!

If you have any tip for me how I can overcome all these bad thoughts, let me know in the comments!

1 year anniversary!

2014-04-16 10:40:25 by FOURSQUARED

16th April 2014: It's been exactly one year since I uploaded my first track. It was actually a great time. Although there were some bad moments, I made many good experiences too.

Huge thanks to my few fans and followers for listening to my music and for the support! Keep it up!

I don't know if there will be something like a special, but at least there will come more songs in the near future! So stay tuned!

Nico Complains About Everything. Part 1: LIFE

2014-04-06 14:44:10 by FOURSQUARED

When does the life I always imagined finally begin? When I finished school? I doubt it...


Have you ever tried to refrain from music you like for one week?

I did an experiment: I was allowed to listen MUSIC FROM THE 80'S ONLY! For 5 whole days! It was an experiment for a complex homework I have to write. I observed, how my mood and feelings are changing by this time.

In the beginning I already thought that the next 5 days would be very hard, but they were even harder than expected! Everytime I felt the desire to listen Dubstep, or Electro, or whatever... I had to remind myself that I CAN'T! It was quite depressing sometimes. The only thing that cheered me up was the 80's music, especially the electronic music and synthie pop.

Until now, I couldn't wait for the moment to finally listen to my favourite EDM again. It's a nearly orgasmic feeling! :D

So, If you want to try to find out how addicted to music you are, you can also try to do without music for some days. The longer you will do this, the more you will crave for the music!

Please check out this guys music, he makes vintage hip-hop beats using samples from old vinyls. Most of them are awesome, so go to his channel and chill out! and don't forget to give him feedback.

School's sh*t...

2014-03-29 19:41:54 by FOURSQUARED

It makes me sad when I see people, who live their dreams and do all the things they like... while I'm still sitting here doing homework in maths or chemistry (the really important things, you know...)!

Strange (Musicians) Habits...

2014-03-28 14:42:44 by FOURSQUARED

Do you also have the habit to connect EVERY song - doesn't matter if it's one of your own songs or just a song you heard on the radio or wherever - with a specific colour? I do this always...

Hey guys.I wanna ask you for a favor: I need a logo, but my Photoshop/GIMP skills aren't so good yet and also I got little time at the moment for this.

So I post the question to you: Is there anyone who'd desing me a logo which is simple, nice and easily usable in cover arts or whatever?

I'm not in the position to offer a consideration, but your name will be stated in every credits and posted on my facebook, twitter and newgrounds account.

I already tried to create something. It's a very rough imagination of a logo. You can find it on my Newgrounds Page (it's the only artwork I uploaded). It was just an idea, we also can talk about a completely new design. I think of a unique lettering or a symbol, someting that's remarkable.

If you're intersted, just post a comment here or inbox me on Newgrounds and we talk about details. Could be a good possibility to improve your own skills! :D

Thanks and peace, NicoKay.


Euhm... Thanks!?

2014-03-21 14:13:11 by FOURSQUARED

I just saw that my tracks, which mostly had under 20 klicks one or two weeks ago, now are partly having up to 180 klicks... plus many votes and very unrealistic numbers of downloads!

I don't know how you did that, and I actually don't want to know anything about your cabal against me. ;)

Just wanted to say thanks for listening to and rating my tracks. It really helps me improving my music and also gives me good mood on bad days! :D

Djerem Remix Contest!

2014-03-15 21:02:15 by FOURSQUARED

I made a remix for Djerem Remix Contest, listen, like, share, do whatever you want!