@ the graphic artists among you: I need a logo!

2014-03-23 06:59:30 by FOURSQUARED

Hey guys.I wanna ask you for a favor: I need a logo, but my Photoshop/GIMP skills aren't so good yet and also I got little time at the moment for this.

So I post the question to you: Is there anyone who'd desing me a logo which is simple, nice and easily usable in cover arts or whatever?

I'm not in the position to offer a consideration, but your name will be stated in every credits and posted on my facebook, twitter and newgrounds account.

I already tried to create something. It's a very rough imagination of a logo. You can find it on my Newgrounds Page (it's the only artwork I uploaded). It was just an idea, we also can talk about a completely new design. I think of a unique lettering or a symbol, someting that's remarkable.

If you're intersted, just post a comment here or inbox me on Newgrounds and we talk about details. Could be a good possibility to improve your own skills! :D

Thanks and peace, NicoKay.



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