Status Update: Life, music and my favorite films

2015-11-27 14:19:54 by FOURSQUARED

Hello guys. Since I haven't been active in quite a while, I figured I'm just gonna tell you about what's going on at the moment.

So, as it's my last year of school (finals will be in April and May) and, at the same time, I'm involved in the Christmas Concert AND the Abitur newspaper (the german equivalent to a yearbook, I think), there isn't much time left for producing. Basically, what my days look like is: school from 7am, coming home at about 4pm and then, either doing some pointless homework or feeling uninspired and useless.

However, I HAVE JUST STARTED LEARNING THE PIANO!! (at 17... but rather late than never I guess) I am kind of too dumb to play with two hands, but apparently I'm learning quite fast. So let's see how this goes.

Apart from that, there's not much interesting to say. I am trying to set me a schedule for producing, meaning that I'm gonna practice more often, at best daily. After that, there will be more music, I promise! I think the next song is gonna be another Inspired By, since I'm also watching quite a lot of movies recently. Thinking of The Babadook, Fight Club, Birdman or Chronicle, I really love all of them. Let me know which one YOU would like to hear. Also, if you have any movie recommendations that are similar to the ones named above, be sure to leave them in the comments!

So, I guess that's it for now. Definitely stay tuned and have a nice day/evening/whatever!


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