setting goals

2015-12-17 16:34:24 by FOURSQUARED

I was just scrolling through my old Newgrounds posts and found one from over a year ago, where I set myself three main goals for the near future. Knowing myself quite well, I never thought I would actually have the determination to reach all three of them.

1. I'm going to change my artist name.

I did, as you might have noticed. I've had enough of my old alias NicoKay. Not only because it sounds awfully stupid, but also I felt that it, kind of, set the focus on... me. As the nooby teenage bedroom producer. I didn't want that. By creating FOURSQUARED, I started a project, that provides me the total control over the content I create. In a way, I made things less personal to create content that is more personal. (That whole paragraph might have made no sense to you at all, but nevermind.)

2. I'm going to think of some way of self-promotion, to make people interested, not only in my music, but also in the things I want to express with it.

A way to promote yourself, to brand yourself, to make yourself a name, is to do something special and unique, that nobody has done before. That's why I started INSPIRED BY (there are more to come).

3. I'm going to keep making all kinds of music I like. Of course, my passion is EDM, but I like the idea of creating innovative, "unheard" styles of electronic music.

If you've heard the three tracks I released since the name change, you might have noticed that I combined a whole lot of different new styles, like Rock, Glitch, Instrumental music, Soundtrack music and Dubstep.

I just thought this would be interesting to know.


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